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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack and I got thoroughly soaked on our hike this morning. The dogs didn't really seemed bothered by the weather, but Coco and Colby are both dealing with minor leg injuries that caused them to limp a little bit along the way. I think they may have been feeling a bit ambivalent about their pack outing today, but they still enjoyed sniffing in the tall grass with Sputnik and Griff.

Variety Pack

Thompson, Isaac, Zoey, and Mamacita walked the Bear Creek Path this afternoon while snow was still falling. Mamacita wanted us to hurry up the whole time and expressed herself by rearing back and leaping forward repeatedly. Meanwhile, Thompson was taking his time. Isaac and Zoey were happy to sniff around whenever Thompson pulled over to leave a scent mark along the way, but Mamacita wasn't too thrilled about the holdups.

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