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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita wiggled in the grass beside the same stretch of trail as she did Monday. Sputnik didn't insist on as many stops to leave scent marks but was still happy to take advantage each time we stopped along the way, including while Mamacita enjoyed her wiggle.

Variety Pack

Thompson went from person to person around the the center pad at the dog park this afternoon while Zoey ran from dog to dog around the park. After running around with other dogs for a while, Zoey found a tennis ball and enjoyed some fetch. If she didn't catch the ball on her first dive, she tended to lose track of it and then bounced all around in a goofy mess as she tried to figure out where it went. Thompson had been a bit slower than usual during our last couple pack walks, but seemed to be feeling a bit better as he made his way around the park today.