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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik looked handsome in a ladybug bandana this morning. He has been doing a very good job of keeping cool when we pass other dogs lately, and he did well again today when a young black Lab caught a passing sniff of the pack from just a few feet away. Mamacita shouldered down into the tall grass yet again for her routine wiggle. Rucksack stayed on the leash again after last weeks incident. We made plenty of stops along the way so everyone could sniff around off trail.

Variety Pack

Milo had his second outing with the pack today. Sputnik was happy to greet him right from the get-go this time around, and Milo didn't take up such an awkward pose in the car as we dropped off and picked up pack members. Milo, Coco, Zoey, and Stella enjoyed a walk around Wonderland Lake. Milo fell right into place again as if he has been walking with the pack for years. Zoey and Stella wanted to make lots of stops during the first half of the walk so they could sniff around and leave some scent marks along the way. Coco is coping with some discomfort in her right wrist caused by an osteosarcoma that was diagnosed last week, so we took a very casual pace around the lake. Despite the problem with her leg, Coco was in very good spirits when I picked her up and she was thrilled to get to go out and see some of her friends.

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