Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

A friendly Husky pup stopped on the trail to sniff hello this morning. Griff was happy to oblige while Colby and Sputnik waited to get on the move again. We saw a giant bumblebee with apparently damaged wings crawling across the trail at one point. A short while later, another bee buzzed in circles around us in a manner that felt as if it was security detail checking our pass to continue up the mountain. Apparently we made the cut, since no one got stung. Colby seemed a bit more antsy and on alert than usual today, particularly when we reached the top of the mountain. Instead of taking water with her packmates, she kept tuning in to subtle noises in the distance, and looking all around.

Variety Pack

Griff, Isaac, and Zoey were all ball fiends at the park this afternoon. Isaac always beat his packmates to it on the long throws, but Griff and Zoey were able to snag them when I threw them a bit shorter. Isaac splashed around in the kiddie pool a couple times while Griff stood in the water next to him. Zoey wandered off to run around with other dogs here and there, while Griff and Isaac both hovered around me the entire time.