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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We made a lot of brief stops along the Baseline Trail for the pack to sniff and leave scent marks this morning. We passed a worker on a bucket sled machine with a loud engine, which caused both Griff and Colby to leap into the tall grass in order to give the noisy contraption the widest berth possible. I was surprised that Mamacita didn't bark, since she tends to be irritated by noisy motors of trucks and motorcycles on the road. I was surprised at what little water Colby and Griff wanted when we reached the peak of our hike. Sputnik and Mamacita were both quite thirsty, on the other hand.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Zoey, Griff, and Mamacita walked the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. On our return leg, there was a long line of workers from the construction on the CU Campus who crossed the path. We waited a couple paces from the line, and again I was surprised by Mamacita, when she didn't bark about all the uniformed men passing by. Isaac lay down in a shady spot under a tree in one of the parks we passed and started sniffing intently at a spot in front of him. After a moment, he rolled over and wiggled around in the grass while Zoey, Griff, and Mamacita looked on.

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