Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff, Mamacita, and Sputnik all enjoyed a break at the stream when we hiked the Gregory Canyon Trail again this morning. There were several other dogs along the way whom Griff was happy to greet, while Mamacita and Sputnik waited calmly at my far side until we resumed the hike.

Variety Pack

Milo, Yoda, Isaac, and Zoey enjoyed a light hike at the CU South Campus trails this afternoon. Isaac was feeling a little too feisty and jabbed at my leg while he impatiently waited for his packmates, after hopping out of the packmobile. I replied to him sternly and held him at a distance while the rest of the pack got out, so he wouldn't harass any of them. Once we got moving, he zipped around all over the place for a little while before settling into position, walking beside Zoey. Zoey and Milo were both eager to sniff around in the tall grass at many points along the way. Yoda was a trusty companion, walking right along with me.