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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Despite the hotter weather, Griff was less interested in taking water than he had been the past couple weeks. The dogs stirred up a bunch of pollen when they waded through the tall grass and flowers beside the trail today. I saw a mist in the air just before Griff started sneezing. Sputnik, Mamacita, and Colby seemed unperturbed by allergens. Colby was a bit more jumpy than usual about other hikers coming up from behind us on the trails. She kept spinning around to look over her shoulder, and she ducked into the grass as they went by.

Variety Pack

Milo, Zoey, and Isaac all enjoyed a dip in the pond at the CU South Campus trail loop this afternoon. Milo and Zoey just splashed through the shallows, while Isaac of course lay down in it to get a full soak. Milo lingered behind to sniff around a lot at the beginning of the walk, but eventually caught up and kept near my side with Isaac for the latter half while Zoey weaved in and out between the trail and the grass.

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