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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita and Sputnik really took their time on the trails this morning. They both waded through the tall grass and got covered in tiny yellow buds. Sputnik only went through the grass once, but he made a lot of stops to leave scent marks along the way. Mamacita spent as much time in the midst of the grass as she could, and she flopped down in it for a good, long wiggle. When she got up from wiggling in it and took a few steps back toward the trail, I though she was done; but then she immediately flopped back down and started wiggling again.

Variety Pack

Yoda and Zoey were happy to hop into Boulder Creek on our walk this afternoon. Yoda stayed in the water for a while, but Zoey hopped back out after a quick soak. It was the same when we made another stop in the creek on the return leg of our walk - Yoda lingered in the water for a while and waded out as deep as he could get, while Zoey just got her paws wet and then came back to the bank.

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