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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rucksack had his first off-leash hike after going MIA at the Chautauqua a little while back. He stuck close to the pack and was responsive whenever I called him back. Sputnik was feeling playful and chased Rucksack through the stream while Isaac and Mamacita just got into the water and chilled out. When we passed the stream again by the Mount Sanitas Trailhead, the water was running chest-deep for the dogs and everyone enjoyed a good, long soak.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Milo, Zoey, and Mamacita went to Wonderland Lake together this afternoon. Mamacita and Isaac were pretty tuckered out from their morning hike, and dragged behind a bit. Milo was full of energy when I first picked him up, but before long even he was looking for shady spots along the way where he could stop and chill out a bit. Zoey was the only pack member who didn't lose the bounce in her step. We stopped at the edge of the lake for the dogs to get wet, but the water by the bank was only ankle deep.

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