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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer, Sputnik, and Isaac walked along the Boulder Creek Path this morning. Everyone was happy to hop into the creek and wade through the water. We stopped at a rocky patch where Isaac couldn't find a good spot to lie down, so he just kept climbing back and forth over the boulders. Racer pulled quite a bit during the first half of the walk, but on the return leg she fell right into place and hardly pulled at all the entire rest of the way. I had tried to recruit Sputnik into assisting me with keeping Racer boxed in, like Griff had done last week, but Sputnik was too distracted by sniffing and peeing along the way.

Variety Pack

Coco joined Isaac and Zoey for a trip to the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon, for the first time since she had her front, right leg removed due to an osteosarcoma in her wrist. She was full of energy and happy to be out with some friends. She eagerly greeted other pups at the park and joined in some play when a couple of them were wrestling. She maneuvered surprisingly well on her three legs. She rolled over, wiggled on her back, hopped back up, and darted in and out. Meanwhile, one of those pups' humans played fetch with Zoey, and I threw a tennis ball for Isaac. After dodging around and playing with the other dogs, Coco got into some fetch as well. She didn't make any attempt to chase down longer throws - though she has always left those to Isaac - but she had a lot of fun catching the ball when I bounced it close to her. Isaac, Coco, and Zoey all enjoyed splashing around in the kiddie pool. It was a very fun afternoon!

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