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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

After coming out for the Variety Pack Monday, Zoe had her first Adventure Pack hike today. She pulled on the leash quite a bit when we first set out at Eben G. Fine Park but eased into the pack's pace once we hit the trail. Our old pack member Ruffers returned from a long hiatus today and was very happy to see her friends! Sputnik was excited to see Ruffers, as well. Whenever we took a break along the way, he was quick to turn his attention to her and start licking her back. Zoe already started getting more used to drinking from the CamelBak spout today. Once she got going, she kept lapping up the water intently. When we passed a deep section of the stream on the side of the mountain facing Sanitas, Zoe kept testing the water but could tell it was deeper than she is tall and she didn't dare to hop in. Mamacita was again the last pack member to climb out of the water, after getting in a nice, long soak.

Variety Pack

Racer and Zoey walked around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. We made a couple long stops in the shade, as the sun was really beating down. Zoey in particular was seeking out shade along the way and was quite adamant about lingering whenever we passed beneath a tree. Like Zoe this morning, Racer started off the walk by trying to pull ahead quite a bit, but eventually settled into a more comfortable pace beside me.

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