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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita had a great time wiggling in the grass at the outset of our hike today. Meanwhile, Zoe and Ruffers enjoyed getting to know each other. Ruffers pawed at Zoe as she bounced all around her with playful exuberance. The streams around the Red Rocks Trails were all dried up today, so we headed back down to the Boulder Creek Path instead of going up the Anemone Trail. Everyone enjoyed a dip in Boulder Creek. A big, fluffy, black Shepherd mix came over to sniff hello with the pack. I had Sputnik at my side while the other dog was saying hello to everyone. He grumbled a couple times but responded well to gentle redirection, and didn't have any outbursts. We headed to Eben G. Fine Park, where Ruffers and Mamacita enjoyed wiggling around in the grass. Zoe and Ruffers started hopping around with each other again and had a great time. Sputnik was interested in joining in. He lay down by them with a perky, playful posture, and pawed at Ruffers. It was great seeing everyone have so much fun together!

Variety Pack

Coco was happy to see her friend Rucksack again today, and Roger Roger was very excited to see Coco. We walked around Martin Park and down the Bear Creek Path a bit. Coco spent a lot of time wiggling around in the grass. Roger Roger got in on the wiggling as well, but Rucksack had no interest in such goofy antics.

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