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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We found a very deep spot right along the creek bank this morning as we walked the Boulder Creek Path. Sputnik was the first to dive in, followed closely by Roger Roger. Griff and Mamacita took a little more care to enter the water from a lower point along the bank. Everyone got completely submerged. When they all hopped back out, they shook themselves off repeatedly over the next several minutes. Later on, Sputnik and Mamacita both enjoyed wiggling in the grass as we took a short break in the shade.

Variety Pack

Oliver, Zoey, Griff, and Sputnik walked around Wonderland Lake together this afternoon. Zoey and Sputnik greeted each other with lots of kisses. We lingered in shady spots along the way, to keep cool. When we were walking on the sidewalk by the street, a woman actually pulled over just to let me know how impressed she was with how orderly and well-behaved the pack was. Good job, pups!

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