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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Griff, Racer, and Colby stood proudly on the mountaintop once we made it all the way up the Anemone Trail this morning. Then, I broke out the water spout so everyone could wet their panting tongues. We had made a stop in the stream on the way up. Racer dove into the water with reckless abandon, while her packmates showed a little more self-restraint as they trotted in to take a dip.

Variety Pack

Benny was happy to sniff hello with new friends at the dog park this afternoon. Meanwhile, Mamacita and Zoey investigated the terrain and all of the scents around. Isaac was busy fetching a tennis ball, of course. One dog followed Isaac around and earned himself a snappy retort by hovering right over Isaac's should and barking in his ear. Later on in our visit, we came across old park regular Dexter. He and Benny were very happy to see each other, and the two of them made some playful moves on and off, over the rest of our time there.

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