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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Zoe is an old pro at drinking from the CamelBak spout now. She wasted no time getting in on it after Sputnik took his turn during our water break on the Anemone Trail this morning. As usual, Mamacita wasn't eager to take water, but she drank a bit when I placed the spout right at the side of her mouth. Everyone - even Sputnik - stayed calm when we passed a dog who started growling and barking at us on our way up.

Variety Pack

Benny, Zoey, and Mamacita took a leisurely pace along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Benny wanted to make a lot of stops. I gave him a little water each time, which seemed to satisfy him as he then resumed walking. Mamacita took the opportunity to wiggle around in the grass at one point. Zoey didn't make any sudden stops, but she was in no hurry when Benny wanted to take breaks.