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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There was some construction work being done on the stretch of trail we usually take to the Anemone Trail up the mountain, so we instead hiked around the Red Rocks spurs and then walked along Boulder Creek for a bit. On our way up the trail, we stopped by the stream where we usually catch it on our way down. Racer stayed in the water long after her packmates were done. She kept wading back and forth, dipping her snout into the water and scooping up mouths full of it. When we took a water break further up the trail, Colby patiently waited her turn for a drink from the spout while Sputnik quenched his thirst. Griff wasn't particularly interested in having a drink. Racer wasn't either. I guess she got her fill from the stream.

Variety Pack

Monarch, Clover, Isaac, Zoey, Cooper, and Mamacita all walked around Wonderland Lake together today. We made a few stops along the way so the dogs could sniff hello with other passing dogs, including a sweet, old Golden Retriever and a surprisingly calm, young pup whom Cooper attempted to mount. Cooper and Clover both made frequent stops to pee along the way. The rest of the pack were happy to sniff around whenever we paused.

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