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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

I took a little time at the beginning of our pack outing to make Sputnik was calm and attentive, to try to avoid any more outbursts like he has had the past couple days. He did much better today, as he didn't react when when passed a bunch of dogs and one started barking at us. Later on, we were approached by a chocolate Lab who Colby, Griff, and Racer were all happy to sniff hello with. Sputnik mostly kept his cool, but he did start to growl a little bit when the Lab lingered among the pack. Later on, some people at the park asked to say hello to the pack. Racer and Sputnik were both happy to go up and get some love. Colby hung back a bit. Griff wasn't as eager for attention as Sputnik and Racer, but he didn't mind some receiving some pets.

Variety Pack

Benny and Zoey enjoyed traveling along the CU South Campus trails side-by-side as they sniffed around together. Monarch, Clover, Mamacita, and Isaac all walked on leash with me. We made a lot of stops along the way because everyone wanted to sniff around in the bushes and tall grass at various points.

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