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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack headed to the Chautauqua for our hike this morning. Racer, Griff, Colby, and Sputnik all wanted to sniff around in the brush as we made our way along the Baseline Trail, so we made slow progress at first. Once we began our ascent up the mountain, everyone started to focus a bit more and stick to the trail. We came by a black Lab puppy, whose human observed that her little one is going to look like Racer when she grows up.

Variety Pack

We had a new pup join the pack today: Rey! Rey is a 4-month-old Pit Bull. She was excited to meet the pack members who were in the car when we picked her up this afternoon. I let Racer, Griff, Colby, and Zoey out from the car one-by-one to sniff hello with their new packmate. Racer grumbled a bit when Rey jumped on her, and Colby flashed a couple snarls to warn Rey off when she was being pushy. Griff was pretty disinterested in Rey, while Zoey was curious and a little playful. Rey took the hints very well. She gravitated towards Colby but kept a respectful distance. When everyone hopped back in the packmobile, Rey lay down next to Colby until Colby got dropped off. After all that, Rey met Mamacita when we stopped by my place to pick her up. Mamacita made play-bows with Rey, and Zoey and Rey chased each other around before we loaded back up in the car and headed to the CU South Campus trails for a light hike. Rey did a good job keeping up on the trail. She spent a brief stretch of our walk jumping all over Zoey and nibbling at her ears, and Zoey didn't mind the attention. Everyone was pretty tuckered out and took to napping as soon as we got back to the packmobile to bring everyone back home.