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Friday Pack Activities (1/5/2024)

Adventure Pack

Dylan, Yoshi, Archie and Lou headed to CU South as I continue to wait on the renewal of my OSMP commercial use permit for pack walking on the city-run mountain trails. Dylan and Lou were wonderful walkers as usual. Archie and Yoshi pulled ahead a lot throughout the walk and really needed to be wrangled when we passed by other dogs. We ended up taking a very slow pace as I gave a lot of attention to keeping Yoshi and Archie on pace with the rest of us. For some reason, I keep forgetting to snap photos of our Friday Adventure Pack lately - sorry!

Variety Pack

Yoshi and Archie were pulling ahead a bit less during our afternoon walk, but still got quite worked up about the other dogs we passed. Carl showed a bit of interest in those other dogs as well, but was far tamer than Yoshi and Archie, whose leads I shortened my grip on so as to better manage them. Lou stayed calm, but on a couple occasions she stopped in place, apparently uneasy with the tension of her more anxious and excited packmates. Even more than other dogs, Yoshi was extremely focused on a magpie who was hopping around on the path ahead of us at one point, and he voraciously sniffed around the area where it had been once we reached it - after the magpie had flown away.


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