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Friday Pack Activities (5/17/2024)

Adventure Pack

The scents in the grass along Baseline Trail were too tempting for the pack to pass, so we inched out way along as Nelly, Lou, Dylan, and Yoshi all went to work investigating the scene. Dylan was really feeling the heat as we made our ascent up Chautauqua Trail, so we made stops at all the shady spots and I kept him doused with water. Yoshi and Lou drank a bit along with Dylan, while Nelly took a pass on the water. Lou and Yoshi grazed on grass while Dylan caught his breath. Nelly nibbled a little too, but not as much as the others. We didn't go so far up the mountain today. Yoshi started chewing on Dylan's leash at one point while I was distracted picking up after Lou, and made it about 1/3rd of the way through it. Luckily, Dylan doesn't ever pull so his leash isn't really put to the test.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Lucy, Lumi, Carl, Yoshi, and Buddy headed down Goose Creek Greenway from Valmont Park this afternoon. Before we had set out for the walk, Yoshi and Buddy were pretty excited to make friends with Lucy, who is always happy to greet anyone and everyone. Lucy and Yoshi were curious about the prairie dogs along the way, but kept in pace with the pack while watching them with perked ears. It was a different story later on in the walk when a bird landed in the grass beside the path a little way ahead of us; then, Lucy and Yoshi both started leaping forward to try to chase after it. We pulled off to the side of the path and waited for them to calm down before moving on. Lumi has taken a liking to a particular patch of grass along the way, and always makes a b-line to it for a mid-walk break. Buddy enjoyed shouldering down and wiggling his way through the grass in front of Lumi. Lucy was distracted by some wildlife in a nearby tree that I failed to identify. Ruffers, Carl, and Yoshi all just sat and relaxed. Buddy was surprisingly mild-mannered throughout the walk as he trotted along next to Carl and Ruffers; they must have been a good influence.


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