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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Milo had a fun time ranging the snowy trails at Shanahan Ridge today. Early on, we came across a pair of playful dogs whom Dylan and Milo happily greeted. A short while later, the boys sniffed hello with a couple tiny puppies. We also encountered a few other friendly dogs along the way, and a couple different hikers commented on how nice it was out today, with the sun coming out after a cold, dark week.

Variety Pack

Milo, Carl, Zoey, Lou, Rey and Ruffers headed to CU South for their afternoon walk. There were various patches of yellow snow and upturned turned along the edge of the path, which drew the noses of most of the pack members. Milo tended to just stand by while his packmates checked things out; Ruffers sometimes joined in and sometimes didn't; the others were all eager to get the scoop on whatever scents there were to find.

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