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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was a bit wet out with a mix of rain and snow falling as Dylan and Yoshi enjoyed a hike at the Chautauqua. The trails were all but empty aside from the magpies and sparrows, all of whom drew Yoshi's intense interest. Dylan led the way most of the time, not interested in the birds, and occasionally circling back to check in.

Variety Pack

Yoshi and Lou had a lot of fun wrestling with each other before our afternoon walk while Ruffers and Dylan lounged. The precipitation paused for while, which allowed us to enjoy the walk around Wonderland Lake without getting too wet. There were a few more people out than at the Chautauqua this morning, but it was still pretty deserted. Rather than magpies and sparrows, there were geese hanging out at Wonderland Lake Park. They were even more compelling to Yoshi, and it took some effort to keep him from trying to run over to them.

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