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Friday Pack Activities (12/1/2023)

Adventure Pack

Dylan was getting over removal of a deeply invasive foxtail in his paw earlier this week, but aside from licking at his paw a bit before we set out, you wouldn't have been able to tell. His energy was great and he had no trouble on the terrain. The whole pack lingered around the trail head for a few minutes, sniffing out the news on all the dogs who have passed through there lately. Nelly kept right along with everyone when we got moving, without the need for any special coaxing. Yoshi had a burst of playful energy as we made our way down Bluebell Road at the end of our hike, and Lou started hopping around with him until I calmed them.

Variety Pack

The pack headed to Boulder Creek Path for our afternoon walk. There was a lot of goose poop around where the path dips under Broadway. I hurried the dogs along so as not to let them try to eat any, since I've learned over the years that goose poop seems to be pretty tempting to them. On the return leg of the walk, Yoshi and Lumi hopped around with each other like Yoshi and Lou had earlier. Carl and Ruffers walked nicely the whole time and didn't get involved with their packmates' rowdiness.


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