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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Riley joined Dylan and Sputnik on the trails this morning. She sniffed around in the snow and licked it off her nose while the boys scouted ahead together. Every once in a while, either Dylan or Sputnik would run further ahead, and then the other would follow. It wasn't really a chase - more like, "Hey, what's up over here?!" "Oh, wait for me!"

Variety Pack

Zoey was back to making all her usual stops around Wonderland Lake today. Riley and Lou still don't know each other very well,since they are rarely out together, so I watched them closely and didn't let them sniff face-to-face until well into the walk. By then, they were less focused on each other and were able to sniff in passing while checking out spots together. Ruffers walked nicely in place with her packmates, just going with the flow.

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