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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

I was surprised when Dylan stood on the bank of the stream next to me while Sputnik, Zoey, and Carl all hopped in and got wet. Dylan waited until we were about to resume hiking, to go down and just get his paws wet. Carl ran up and down the trail, ahead of the pack and behind it, as we made our way up the mountain. Dylan didn't pay much attention to his puppy packmate, and just trotted along. Sputnik was preoccupied with sniffing at Zoey. Judging by his posture and mannerisms, he frequently contemplated trying to mount her, but never went through with the attempt.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Carl, Lou, and Ruffers enjoyed a walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Ruffers and Carl had fun wrestling around at the house, before we set out for the walk. During the walk, Zoey and Lou brought up the rear while Carl and Ruffers took either flank. Ruffers and Lou pulled over to sniff around in the grass more often than Zoey did, today. Carl found a nice, big twig to carry back during the return leg of the walk.


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