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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Pack member Ruby hasn't seen Sputnik in a while, and, to my recollection, hasn't met Dylan before, so I was expecting a few grumbles when they hopped into the car with her this morning. I was pleasantly surprised to see them both sniff hello with Ruby in a very friendly manner, without a single grumble or irritated lip-curl from either. Ruby likewise greeted the boys in calm and friendly fashion, after already getting acquainted with Racer at the house, earlier. We encountered a lot of dogs on the trail, especially at the outset of our hike, and passed them either without engaging or with some brief, friendly sniffs. The pack were all eager to get into the water at the Gregory Canyon Trail Head. It was one of the hotter days we've had so far this year, and Dylan decided we didn't need to go all the way up the trail - instead opting to take the flatter path at the fork where we usually tackle the last stretch of our ascent. I don't think his packmates minded, as everyone was panting pretty steadily and they all drank a lot of water when we made our way back down to the Chautauqua Trail Head.

Variety Pack

It was a cloudy and humid afternoon as Zoey, Carl, Lou, and Ruffers made their way around Wonderland Lake. We saw far fewer dogs out than the pack saw at the Chautauqua this morning. Zoey enjoyed sniffing around in the grass at Wonderland Lake Park for a few minutes, after we had made our loop around the pond, while Lou and Ruffers lay together. Meanwhile, Carl chewed on some choice weed stems in place of twigs.


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