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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was just me and Dylan for the hike this morning, so I let Dylan set the pace. We poked around at the trail head at Settler's Park for a little bit, as Dylan wanted to get a good sniff at various spots there. Dylan then led the way up to the Farmer's Ditch, where he lay down for a good soak. When we reached the Red Rocks, Dylan sat in the shade with me for a couple minutes and took in the vista. We made our way up and down the mountain a couple times, looping through different paths. After that, we walked a stretch of Boulder Creek. I thought he might want to get in the water again, but he made no moves toward the creek.

Variety Pack

Mamacita, Lou, Carl, and Ruffers lingered at Eben G. Fine Park for a while at the beginning of our walk. It took some coaxing to get Mamacita to come along, but she kept up once we got moving. The pack enjoyed taking a leisurely pace along the Boulder Creek Path. During the return leg of our walk, we made a stop in a grassy park. Ruffers rolled around a bit and I thought Mamacita would join her, but she decided to stay upright. Lou lay down and watched me closely for any sign that she may have permission to tackle me with snuggles. Carl sniffed around on his own a bit, and then sat for a photo with Ruffers.


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