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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik kept up without trouble today, and had a bounce in his step as he trotted along the trail. His increased energy probably had something to do with a cheesecloth he puked up last night, which had apparently been sitting in his gut for the past few weeks. Dylan and Griff scouted ahead together, and ran back to me and Sputnik when I called to them every so often.

Variety Pack

Lou kept wanting to stop on our walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. She usually sniffed around for a minute and then peed. Griff, Zoey, and Carl all took the frequent opportunities to sniff and pee as well. It was quite wet out, both from the light snow that was falling and from the melting of the layer of ice that had coated everything a couple days ago. Zoey and Carl were like mops for all the moisture, while Griff and Lou were easy to dry off with a quick wipe-down.

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