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Friday Pack Activities (9/29/2023)

Adventure Pack

Nelly was hesitant to move along Baseline Trail again today, only a very short way on. The pack hung out and had plenty of time to thoroughly sniff around while I tried to negotiate with Nelly to convince her to follow along. Some friendly people stopped and said hello to the pack when they were passing by us. Eventually, I had the thought to bring Lou, Dylan and Yoshi around behind Nelly and urging her to go forward from behind, rather than trying to convince her to follow. That did the trick, and Nelly immediately started trotting forward. Dylan and Nelly pulled over together a few more times for some casual sniffing and were joined by Lou and Yoshi who wanted to check things out along with their packmates, but our forward progress continued mostly unimpeded the rest of the time. There was a Husky jogging behind us at one point and we had to pull over to let them catch up and pass us, because Yoshi desperately wanted to go backward to greet them. Lou got more than one admiring comment on her pretty pearl necklace.

Variety Pack

Lumi, Yoshi, Sanni, Carl, Ruffers and Zoey all headed to Bear Creek Greenway for our afternoon stroll. Sanni and Yoshi pulled ahead a bit from time to time and switched places in formation now and then, but were manageable; the rest of the pack all walked very nicely together. There were a number of bicyclists out today, but the walk was pretty calm and quiet. The dogs didn't react to the couple squirrels I noticed. Sanni whimpered in anticipation when walking by the area where dogs had barked at us from fenced back yards earlier this week, but they weren't out today so there was no barking.

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