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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Ruffers greeted several other dogs we encountered at the beginning of our hike at Shanahan Ridge this morning. Dylan shouldered down in the snow to wiggle around several times early on, and then remained upright for the rest of the hike. Avo led Milo on a big, long run once the two of them got off leash together. Unfortunately, she also Avo also led Milo to some poop that was well off the trail. Milo gave it a taste test, but Avo really went for it, and it took a minute for me to run over to them and shoo them off. Avo apparently had a particular craving today, because she found two more piles of poop that I had to shoo her away from.

Variety Pack

Rey, Carl, Milo, Lou and Zoey walked the quiet Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. The pack didn't make as many stops as usual. Milo got a bit worked up about a couple of the dogs we passed, but didn't go crazy like last Wednesday. Rey offered a "woo-woo!" in support of Milo, but also settled down quickly. The rest of the pack kept calm.

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