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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Ruffers roamed the trail together while Avo and Riley stayed on leash with me. Avo found a couple small sticks along the way, which she quickly chewed up. Ruffers started heading off the trail in the same area where Avo had found some poop a couple weeks ago, and where Griff seemed drawn to last week. Unlike Avo and Griff, Ruffers came back to the trail when I called her, so I didn't have to go running through the snow to round her up. Meanwhile, Dylan stuck to scouting along the trail.

Variety Pack

Riley got upset about Lou encroaching on her space when we stopped at the house before our walk this afternoon, and I had to intervene. I spent some time monitoring them at the house before we headed out for the walk, to make sure there weren't any hard feelings between them. They did fine with each other on the walk, sniffing out spots together side-by-side. Rey and Ruffers took no part in the scuffle but picked up on the tone of mediation afterwards, and lay beside their packmates as they made amends. Everyone was excited to get some chicken jerky treats afterwards. The walk itself was pretty quiet.


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