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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

After Riley returning home yesterday, she and Gidget got to see each other for this morning's pack hike. They greeted each other with affectionate nuzzles and kisses before we headed to the Chautauqua. The cool, overcast weather made it a manageable excursion for our short-snouted pack member, Blu. We crisscrossed the Chautauqua Meadow and Park, staying on relatively level terrain. Riley got a bit worked up about a couple dogs we passed along the way. Sputnik stayed calm and collected even when we passed dogs who were barking at us and pulling at their leashes. Blu and Gidget were a little distracted by them, but didn't really respond.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Lou, Rey, and Carl enjoyed exploring the CU South trails off leash, this afternoon. Lou generally stuck by my side throughout, but occasionally joined in for a run with her packmates. Rey and Carl were the most active, as they raced each other up and down the trail. Zoey lingered behind to sniff around, then would race to catch up and chase after Rey.


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