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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The Farmer's Ditch at Settler's Park is no longer flowing, but today's cooler temperature made for a fairly pleasant hike. Sputnik did take some especially long drinks from the CamelBak, and Ruffers even drank a little bit a couple of times; Riley drank a typical amount. We saw more dogs on the trails today. Riley is still getting pretty intense about focusing on other dogs when we come by them. Sputnik hasn't gotten growly again since that pair of Malamutes. Ruffers was off leash, and made friendly greetings with everyone.

Variety Pack

Zoey and Rey were very excited to be reunited after Zoey was out recuperating from her leg injury and then Rey was away in the mountains. The two of them wrestled and raced around the house when we stopped there so I could grab a bite for lunch. Carl followed behind them, barking to make sure he was a part of the celebration. We headed to the Bear Creek Greenway for our afternoon outing. The dogs had settled down by then, and we had a nice walk.


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