Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We encountered a leashed cat again at the Chautauqua this morning. Surprisingly, Ruffers was the only one of the pack who was particularly interested in the feline trekker. Riley and Sputnik passed by without missing a step, as the cat lay low to the ground at the side of the trail, trying to become invisible. Later, we saw brave magpie hanging out on some trail fencing as we walked through the Chautauqua Meadow. It stayed there even as the dogs and I approached. Ruffers, Sputnik, and Riley were all a bit curious about the bird, but didn't make any sudden moves toward it. The magpie stayed there for a minute while the dogs sniffed around in the grass a few feet away, then it flew further down the trail where it met us for another brief stop.

Variety Pack

Rey was full of energy before the walk this afternoon. She raced around with Carl in hot pursuit. Zoey then joined in to wrestle around with her rambunctious friend. Lou was busy chewing on one of the bones we have around the house, and didn't get in on the action. The dogs were much calmer once we hit the trail at CU South. Lou and Zoey got some pets from a nice woman we came upon, who approached the pack with the help of her walker. Carl was a bit freaked out by the uncommon situation, and barked at her a few times before settling down and letting her pet Lou and Zoey, who happily greeted her. Rey was standing behind me and staring off into the distance, and didn't go up to say hello even when I tried to encourage her.