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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Ruffers headed over to Enchanted Mesa this morning. Ruffers said hello to dogs along the way, while I had Sputnik walk by at my side. Sputnik drank from the stream on the way up to the Mesa, but came over as soon as I called him and offered him a drink from the CamelBak instead. Ruffers lingered behind for a bit, around a bend, and I started to grow a little concerned when she didn't catch up to my calls for her. Eventually, she appeared on the trail with a happy smile on her face. She started to wander off again, but abandoned the operation when I insisted that she return to the trail with me and Sputnik.

Variety Pack

Carl, Zoey, and Rey were full of energy before our walk this afternoon. Lou got into the middle of everyone as I was getting them to settle down. She sniffed at Zoey's face and whacked Rey over and over again with her wagging tail. The mood was much less hectic once we hit the trail at Foothills Park. I kept reminding Carl to walk with the group instead of pulling ahead, but otherwise the pack was pretty much on the same page. We stopped to sniff around now and then, and everyone wanted a nose full. Someone was flying a drone over the park as we made our way back from Wonderland Lake. Lou and Rey both perked up at the noise, and watched it fly overhead. Rey, ever curious about things in flight, continued to watch it with keen interest until it flew off into the distance.


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