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Monday Pack Activities (9/5/2022)

Adventure Pack

Avo and Dylan made sure to get thoroughly soaked in the Silver Lake Ditch while Ruffers just waded through it briefly. Dylan went up the mountain ahead of me and Ruffers, but didn't quite keep up with Avo who was running all over the place. Once we reached the crest, he lingered behind for the short remainder of the ascent to the base of the red rocks. Some hikers were happy to be greeted by Avo, and then by Dylan, as our groups passed by each other. Ruffers stayed at my side as we went by.

Variety Pack

Eben G. Fine Park was bustling today! Zoey found an opening to sniff around one of her favorite, big trees there. Carl was also eager to leave a scent mark on it. While the pack was checking out the tree, a nearby toddler came over and pet Zoey and Rey while Carl hung back. As we continued our walk, Zoey was transfixed by all the people in the creek. Rey and Carl were more interested in the other dogs who passed by along the trail.


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