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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff, Ruffers, Dylan and Avo headed to Gregory Canyon from the Chautauqua, this morning. There was a big pile of bear scat in the middle of the trail, and signs to keep dogs on leash in the area through mid-November, so I think we'll be picking a different route from the Chautauqua in the future. Thankfully, none of the dogs paid much attention to the bear scat. After our descent, we walked through the grassy Chautauqua Park on our way to the packmobile. Avo kept flopping down in dramatic fashion, every few steps, drawing laughter from some onlookers. Dylan took each opportunity to lay in the grass with Avo, although his maneuver was executed with a bit more poise. Griff and Ruffers mostly just stood and waited.

Variety Pack

Archie, Rey and Zoey were wild with playful excitement at the house before their walk this afternoon. Thankfully, everyone calmed down once we were out on the Bear Creek Path - even Archie! The walk itself was pleasant, as everyone more or less kept to their places and walked at a steady pace together. We pulled off to the side so the dogs could sniff around here and there. I almost bypassed the mile-marker boulder because the dogs had just stopped to sniff on the opposite side of the trail, but Zoey and Carl made sure we checked in at the usual spot, too.

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