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Thursday Pack Activities (10/5/2023)

Adventure Pack

Button, Griff, Racer and Tucker enjoyed a cooler day for hiking, which resulted in less heavy panting than they've done in a while. We still took a few breaks and Button lay down during the last one. One of the park volunteers, who we've been seeing regularly at the trail head the past few months, said that the pack sets a good example for the other dogs on the trails for how to behave.

Variety Pack

There were tons of grasshoppers scattered along Goose Creek Greenway, both alive and dead. The ones who were alive would wait on the path until right when the dogs' paws were landing near them, and then jump away - or sometimes just launch themselves right into a fluffy coat of fur. One stretch of the fields on either side of the path were again noted to have had pesticides freshly applied, and I saw a sign for another application coming along another stretch next week. I don't remember seeing so many treatments in the past, but they've really been hitting the area hard this entire season.


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