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Thursday Pack Activities (11/9/2023)

Adventure Pack

Nelly paused at the trail head and was hesitant to move on until I brought the pack behind her and waited a minute to let her lead the way. Racer, Griff and Buddy were all very interested in sniffing around at different spots, so it took a minute to round everyone up and have them wait patiently. Nelly was totally fine and had no more hesitation once we got moving again on her cue, even when she was no longer leading the way.

Variety Pack

Arlo started racing around straight away when we arrived at Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Meanwhile, Zoey, Carl, Buddy and Lumi sniffed around the area where we entered at the south end of the park for a little while before following Arlo to where the action was, at the center of the park. Arlo found various playmates to chase and wrestle with him. Buddy liked joining in the chases, but on his little legs he had trouble keeping up with Arlo's pace. Carl wandered around for a little bit before he zeroed in on a tennis ball and started demanding fetch. Zoey was feeling pretty playful and hopped around while chasing down some tennis balls of her own. She then fell into her routine of picking people and following them around for a while to make friends. Lumi continued to sniff around a lot, especially at the edges of the park, before eventually joining Arlo for some wrestling. The pair of them got a bit too worked up at one point when Lumi was pouncing at Arlo while Arlo was wiggling and kicking on his back, and they got into a little tiff before I separated them. Lumi promptly lay down and then flopped on his side, and Arlo did the same before long, and they were fine with each other after that.


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