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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Everyone was interested in the same spots today. At one point, Racer urgently pulled to the side of the trail to pee. As soon as she was done, Riley quickly hovered over the same spot to relieve herself as well. When Riley was done, Griff wasted no time going up and lifting a leg to pee on Riley's pee on Racer's pee. Riley minded her manners much better today. The trails were icy and slick. The remaining snow is mostly packed down, and Racer enjoyed scraping it up with her teeth for refreshment as we walked.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Carl and Riley headed to Wonderland Lake for their afternoon walk. Carl was readily distracted by each dog we saw along the way, and pulled on his leash a lot when they went by. Riley pulled a bit on the leash as well, more than on the morning hike, but she didn't get wild or snappy like yesterday. Zoey trotted along in place and hardly wanted to make any stops to sniff.

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