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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff, Tucker and Button took their time sniffing along the trails today. Some thick blades of grass had yellow dew drops clinging to them, which tipped me off as to why the dogs were so interested in sniffing those areas. Button and Tucker got pets from some friendly strangers along the way, as they often do. Griff hung back most of the time, but he did enjoy some pets and attention from a couple nice guys while their wives were fawning over Button and Tucker for several minutes. The cloud cover kept it feeling cooler than expected, which was undoubtedly a relief for our big, shaggy pack members.

Variety Pack

Despite the storm clouds brewing through the morning, we actually got a break of blue skies for part of our walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Clover and Carl led the olfactory investigations of our outing. Carl lifted his leg to mark more spots than I could count. Taco often followed up on the places that Clover checked out. Zoey wanted to sniff and mark a few particular areas, but was far less diligent than her packmates. We saw a lone goose wandering through the field between the path and Wonderland Lake. I was surprised that Zoey wasn't particularly interested, given how excited she gets whenever she sees geese floating down Boulder Creek. Clover was by far the most curious about the goose, while Carl and Taco gave it only passing glances.


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