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Thursday Pack Activities (3/7/2024)

Adventure Pack

Lumi and Dylan both made the most of one of the few remaining snow banks, on our way up Mesa Trail this morning. While the two of them rolled around in the snow, Racer munched on it; Griff wasn't interested. Griff and Dylan led the way as we kept on the move with few interruptions after the snow break. Lumi dove into the snow again on the return leg of the trip, and Racer did some more munching; Dylan already had his fill, and Griff was still disinterested.

Variety Pack

Roger Roger, Lumi, Jonathan, Yoshi, Arlo, Beard, Carl and Mrs. Miggins walked Bear Creek Greenway with a hand from Jen this afternoon. Before the walk, Roger Roger, Yoshi, Lumi and Jonathan (along with Dylan, who was still with us from the morning) all wanted Arlo's attention, and Arlo was pretty happy to be at the center of it. Yoshi was in a rambunctious mood and tried to continue the play session while we were walking, but none of his packmates took the bait. Mrs. Miggins wasn't too thrilled about the wet conditions. The rest of the pack shrugged it off. Carl kept venturing off the path to sniff around, while Beard kept trying to get ahead.


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