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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Griff, Carl, and Racer made pretty good time up Saddle Rock Trail after our obligatory rest stop at the stream at Gregory Canyon. Everyone but Griff took some water from the CamelBak along the way. Sputnik tried to steal a sandwich out of a kid's lunchbox when we passed through a group that were taking their lunch in the middle of the trail, but I caught him just in time. The others were less brash, but watched the kids with hopeful, hungry eyes until we got past them.

Variety Pack

With cooler temperatures and an overcast sky, the pack headed to the Bear Creek Path for a change of pace from all of our afternoon walks at Boulder Creek lately. The air was still cooler by the water there, but I didn't let the dogs into the small creek since it always looks pretty murky and often has a noticeable odor. It smelled fine today, but I still kept the dogs out. Avo lay in the grass a couple times, while Mamacita, Zoey, Dylan, and Riley all sniffed around. When it was time to get going again, I had to squirt her with water from the CamelBak in order to get her to hop back up. She, Riley, and Zoey all drank a bit whenever I offered them water. Dylan would take a few quick slurps before turning aside, while Mamacita had no interest at all.


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