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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruby joined Sputnik and Carl for our Boulder Creek Path walk this morning. We made several stops at the water along the way. At the first stop, everyone just poked around in the shallows. At our second stop, the boulders at the water's edge led quickly into deeper water, and everyone got in and went for a short swim. The dogs just got their paws wet on our last couple stops, during the return leg of our outing. Everyone was conserving energy on the return trip, only stopping to sniff around if they had particular business to attend to.

Variety Pack

Avo, Zoey, Riley, and Mamacita all headed to Boulder Creek for the afternoon. We spent a little while at the water early on. Zoey, Avo, and Mamacita all stayed in water that was not quite deep enough to wet their bellies. Avo stood, poised on a rock, for a long moment, seeming like she was about to dive in; but she changed her mind and then just scrambled down the side of the rock and into the water. Mamacita stood in place, elbow-deep in the water, with a contented smile on her face. Zoey poked around the creek bank, getting in and out of the water. Riley was the most adventurous of the group, and got out into the deeper water to swim. The current was pretty strong, so it quickly swept her downstream to a spot on the bank just a few meters away. She crawled back out and then did her best to cool me off, by shaking all the water she could onto me. Then she was back in for a couple more short water cruises.


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