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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik kept up better on the hike today. He stayed pretty close the whole time, without falling far behind. Carl and Racer wanted to sniff around off the trail a lot, while Griff took up his usual scouting position. There was a big tree that blocked the path after the wind storm we had a couple weeks ago, but it has now been cut up so the trail is passable again. Some rocky stretches were still covered in ice from yesterday's freezing rain, but the trail wasn't too treacherous.

Variety Pack

Avo and Zoey both enjoyed munching on snow whenever we stopped along the Bear Creek Greenway. Riley also ate a bit. Avo seemed a bit agitated when we went over the footbridge toward the basketball courts, on our way out. On the way back, as we approached the bridge again, a fox came up out of the ditch and then headed off into a nearby field. Avo and Riley both started barking as soon as they saw it. I got their attentions and had them sit for treats. Griff was slower to react, but kept growling as the fox headed through the field in the distance. Zoey and Mamacita were totally unperturbed by the wildlife sighting.


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