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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik did a good job of keeping up with the pack today, after taking yesterday off. Racer ate a lot of snow. She also chomped on some grass, so her stomach must not have been feeling great, but she didn't vomit. Carl and Griff romped through the snow and happily greeted hikers - both human and canine - whenever we came upon them.

Variety Pack

Riley and Avo were a bit worked up over the first dog we saw during our walk this afternoon. They were ahead of us on the Bear Creek Greenway path, so we lingered in place a bit to let them get some distance. Mamacita and Ruffers were happy to sniff around in the snow while Riley and Avo stared intently up the path ahead. Later in the walk, we encountered a pair of dogs who started barking at us from a distance. Avo and Riley responded in kind, but settled down pretty quickly when I addressed them.

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