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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Carl, and Griff all did a little bit of grazing on the baby grass today. Even though the Chautauqua parking lot was quite full, we didn't encounter all that many other hikers on the route we took. There was one group coming down Bluebell Road as we were going up, and Sputnik made a point to walk right into their path so as not to miss out on any potential attention. He was not disappointed, as a couple young ladies stopped to pet him.

Variety Pack

Mamacita and Riley headed to the Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. Mamacita was moving pretty slowly at the start. I let her follow her nose along the side of the path for a while, in the opposite direction from how we usually walk. Riley was happy to follow Mamacita and quick to hop over to whatever Mamacita would start sniffing at. After a bit of that, Mamacita picked her pace up to a trot with intermittent stops as we headed down the path as usual. Riley made a quick move toward a dog who passed by at one point. I quickly caught her and had her sit in place, and she kept calmer with the next couple dogs we passed during the remainder of our walk.


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