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Thursday Pack Activities (9/28/2023)

Adventure Pack

Tucker, Racer, Button and Griff had a good time on the trails at the Chautauqua today. We kept a slow but steady pace along Baseline Trail and then up the mountain on Bluebell-Baird. A friendly visitor from Germany stopped and admired the pack as we were taking a short break in the shade before our ascent. A little later, once we reached the crest, Button was ready for another break in the shade. Racer, Button and Griff all took some water. Tucker was less interested in drinking but I gave his tongue a couple squirts. After a round of treats, we continued on for the pleasant, mostly flat or downhill remainder of the hike.

Variety Pack

Taco, Sanni and Carl were all very interested in sniffing in the grass at various points along Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. Lou, Clover and Zoey poked around their share as well, but the others were quite adamant about following their noses around in blindly meandering paths, getting leashes tangled in the process. We made a few stops like that, after which I would direct Taco, Sanni and Carl back into position step by step while undergoing the untangling process.


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