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Tuesday Pack Activities (1/16/2024)

Adventure Pack

It was very windy as Griff, Arlo, Imogene and Racer hiked Shanahan Ridge. At least the wind was bringing in warmer weather after the frigid long weekend; still, it kicked up a lot of snow into the air. When gusts came, we stopped and braced against them. Imogene was in a pretty playful mood, and danced around at the front of the pack every so often. Racer and Arlo scooped up some snow to munch on here and there. Griff kept right by my side.

Variety Pack

Aside from an occasional gust, the wind had mostly subsided by the time Taco, Alfie, Monkey and Carl headed to Wonderland Lake for their afternoon walk. Alfie and Taco made several stops during the first half of the walk, and Carl was always quick to run over and check out whatever they were sniffing. Monkey was less interested in the smells, but enjoyed trampling through the snow.


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