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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The Chautauqua was still very busy today, but the trails didn't feel quite as packed as yesterday. Carl, Racer and Blu enjoyed sniffing through the dead grass and pine needles along the sides of the path while Griff did his usual scouting. We encountered a partly-melted snowman on Enchanted Mesa, about which Carl and Griff were both quite wary. Blu and Racer didn't seem to take any notice even as their packmates stared and approached at a wide angle. Carl lingered behind to make sure the snowman wasn't up to any funny business, and then bolted to catch up with the rest of us when I called him.

Variety Pack

Milo and Petie made a lot of friends at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. They enjoyed some play-bowing, dodging, and running around with various other dogs. The south end of the park was very muddy. The north end was quite damp, but not muddy enough to make splashes when the dogs ran through. For a moment I thought I saw our packmate Dylan at the park, but I realized the dog was just a lookalike when he came closer.


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